About PIHC

To provide superior health care, we know that this also means making it easy for you to receive. At PIHC, where Western and Eastern medicines converge—we have a wide range of health care specialists. We have also developed a national and international network of specialists to make referrals easy and simple. Our network includes international specialists to which we can refer patients who must seek continued treatment when returning to their homeland; or for such treatments that cannot be provided here in Thailand.

The Phuket International Health Clinic provides you with the ability to make appointments online, order prescription renewals, as well as email your physician.

Simple or complex, our doctors and staff are dedicated to finding solutions to your health issues. Our patient- and family-centered approach puts you, our patient, first.

Languages we speak

As we are an island that is home and playground to many nationalities – to better serve our patients in our aim for excellent and accurate care, members of our staff are fluent in the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Thai
  • French